About Us

The Derwent Valley Autumn Festival was an idea conceived by two Derwent Valley Councillors who wanted to build greater social capital for the local community. With the community having gone through a depressed period for a number of years, they felt that a ‘vehicle’ was needed to give expression to the positive aspects of the Derwent Valley.

The Festival was thus conceived to allow people to enjoy the Valley in a way that would showcase the many advantages of the area and give the residents pride in local success stories. The inaugural event was held in 2000.

Enjoying one of the most picturesque settings anywhere in the State, the Festival marks a special time of the year. The Esplanade at New Norfolk with its huge open space along the Derwent River is a magnificent site offering a stunningly colourful vista of superb autumn tonings displayed by the wide variety of old Oaks, Elms, Willows and Poplars. 

The Festival has been enormously successful, growing from approximately 3,000 patrons in the first year to more than 15,000.

Stall numbers have continued to increase substantially to the point where the maximum number of stalls that can be safely accommodated has been reached.

Now the largest event in the Derwent Valley, it includes free non-stop entertainment across four stages including several genres of bands, dancers, singers and choirs. The stalls supply arts, crafts and produce, with the best local fine food, beer and wine available.

A variety of free special displays as well as pay per ride attractions provide something for the whole family and all budgets.