Register a Stall

The 20th Derwent Valley Autumn Festival will be held on Sunday April 18th. Stall holder applications will be open at the end of 2020. 

Due to increasing costs standard site fees will apply to all stalls including community groups who have previously been exempt.  Exemptions may apply if stalls are providing free activities where patrons can participate.

Food stallholders please note that you are required to forward a copy of your current Food Licence with your stall application form. Applications for the Derwent Valley Council Food Licence are available here. 

There will be a special craft display area at the next Derwent Valley Autumn Festival. The site fee for this area is free- however it is up to the Stall Coordinators discretion as to who is accepted in this area. 

Payment does not necessarily mean your stall is accepted.  The Committee reserves the right to ACCEPT or REJECT your application if there are too many stalls of a similar nature.  If not accepted your money will be refunded in full.